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AdShare by TRoach is a service that works in conjunction with various web page advertising groups such as Googleís AdSense or OpenX. (NOTE: TRoach is not affiliated with any of the advertising groups other than as a normal user of their services. We are simply utilizing the features made available by these groups to help create a more advantageous promotional and hopefully profitable environment for all of us.)

Our concept is very simple; from time to time the advertising groups do not have a paying advertisement (an ad that potentially makes you money) to display so many of the groups will then display a free public service advertisement or a blank frame. Many of these groups allow the option to display a different third party (or your own) display instead of the free public service ad. This is where AdShare.TRoach.Org comes in; we have set up a method to use the free public service ad space for our memberís benefit. What we present are displays that link to your and other group member's websites.

In essence (from a very high level overview) the way our system works is like this: person_a.jpg - 5777 Bytes

Person A, Person B, Person C each have their own web sites that contain advertising and are signed up for our AdShare service. Each signed up to use the 728x90 LeaderBoard display (the banner many sites display across the top of their page) as the ad that they want to share. Each have also made the simple change in their respective advertising groups administrative area to redirect public service display requests to, AdShare.TRoach.Org

person_a.jpg - 5777 Bytes Normally all three sites go along displaying their normal paid advertising not making any requests for a public service ad. Then one day person Bís site is scheduled to display a public service ad. Instead of displaying the normal public service ad the request is routed to AdShare.Troach.Org at which point our code makes the needed requests to display randomly one of our member's ads. For this example person C's Site ad will be displayed.

person_a.jpg - 5777 Bytes Later when Person C's Site is scheduled to display a public service ad the request to AdShare.Troach.Org displays Person B's Site ad.

This process would continue with our memberís links being randomly displayed on other memberís sites each time a request is made to replace a public service advertisement.

Does this sound like something that could benefit your site?

Click here and letís go over the basics of the submission process.

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