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Basics Display/Design
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Letís go over a quick list of what you need to have and do to participate in our program.
(we well get into more detail on the next pages).


You must have a website, web page, or some other online presents where you display advertising banners from a group that will allow you to post third party advertising banners instead of public service / generic ads when there are no money making ads to display. (Most major web site advertising companies seem to have that option or a way to do something similar.)


You have to be willing to place and actually attach our code link to your ad display controls. Normally this only involves adding the link to the display options within the administrative pages of your advertising host. Usually this does not require you to make changes to your web page(s).
(for an example see: How to Link The Code)


Send us the required information (the ad display designs and your contact information) so that we can include your AdShare posting.


Be willing to receive email from us.

We do not send out much email, but you need to be willing to receive the small amount of email we do send.

Emails normally sent are:
  • A conformation of request. (Verifying we received your submission)

  • After we review and process your request one of the following:
    • a verification of of the request being activated,
    • a rejection of the request,
    • or, in a very few cases, a request for clarification of information.
  • Once a week we will send a basic report indicating the number of times that your site's ad was displayed. (see Report Examples)

  • Very rarely (I hope) warning notifications, notifications of suspension and/or other notifications where there is an issue between the ads and the page(s) they are to display.

  • If we make, or are scheduling changes, to the operation of this service that will require modifications on your part. We do not anticipate this happening, but there are always unforeseen possibilities.

  • And obviously responding to email messages.


Last but not least, a little patience.

The "we" mentioned above is just me. While I try to get to everything within 24 hours that is not always possible so a little patience when waiting on replies is greatly appreciated.

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