Note: You can usually open the interesting advertisement/sponsor links in a new window/tab by RIGHT CLICKING the Ad-Link
then selecting 'Open in New Window' or 'Open in New Tab' from the drop down box. (depending on ad type)

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How to Link to the AdShare Code

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Linking our code to replace the public service ads is a very simple process.

For this example we will be using Google's AdSence.

We will also assume that you already have advertisements being displayed on your pages.

On the main tab menu select:

AdSence Setup
maintabs.jpg - 7478 Bytes

Then select on the submenu tabs:
Manage Ads
This will display a list of the current list of ads you have set up to display.
Find the listing that matches the display size you submitted to us. Then select: Edit Ad Settings

On the lower part of the page you will see a section titled "More Options" with
the show public service ads most likely selected.
adsencemoreoptions1.jpg - 12021 Bytes

Select the tab that says "show non google ads from another URL".

Enter the appropriate http address (from the table below) for the size ad you have selected.

Display Type Insert this Line to use TRoach.Org AdShare Displays See Display Example
Leader Board
728x90 LeaderBoard Example
Wide Skyscraper
160x600 Wide Skyscraper Example
Large Sky Scraper
300x600 Large Skyscraper Example
Large Rectangle
336x280 Large Rectangle Example
Medium Rectangle
300x250 Medium Rectangle Example
Game Banner
320x100 Game Banner Example

Remember to save the update.

Assuming you have submitted your display,
contact information and received our acknowledgment.

You are now ready to start sharing Our AdSpace rather
than displaying public service announcements.

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