Note: You can usually open the interesting advertisement/sponsor links in a new window/tab by RIGHT CLICKING the Ad-Link
then selecting 'Open in New Window' or 'Open in New Tab' from the drop down box. (depending on ad type)

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ID Name: is the identification name of your account and ads. (As we automate the procedures this will become your login name as well.)

Contact Name: Your name or primary contact. This will be the name used to in emails we send to you.

Email Address: The email address you want us to send reports and other information. (Requests using an invalid email address will not be processed.)

Attached file name and dimensions:
The name of your display graphic and it's dimensions.
(example: myleaderboard.jpg - 728x90)

Destination URL for ad display:
The URL a user will be sent to when the display is clicked.
This should also be the location of the banner you are sharing on your site, if not, list the shared banner's location on the next line.

Unfortunately due to internet lowlifes that think it is funny to cause problems for everyone, for now, the submission and update process will be manual with requests being submitted via your email account.

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